Strength in Local Relationships

06 June 2012

Strong local service helped food and drink retailer E.H. Booths & Co make its decision to upgrade its warehouse range through CESAB dealership Rack-N-Stak.

A 'Passion for engineering' with Intelligent Mast Design

03 November 2011

CESAB Intelligent Mast Design (IMD) is setting the standards for mast technology across the European material handling industry.

Investing in European mast technology and production

03 November 2011

CESAB Material Handling’s European mast factory, LTE, has invested heavily in new technologies and processes over the last 12 months.

Intelligent mast design means greater productivity

02 May 2011

Greater visibility, less noise and more productive operations are just some of the impressive benefits of CESAB’s new Intelligent Mast Design.

CESAB unveils expanded warehouse equipment ranges

02 May 2011

A range of powerful and efficient warehouse equipment has been launched at CEMAT. Ergonomically designed reach trucks, cold store cabins and ...

CESAB ready to stand out at CeMAT

27 April 2011

CESAB Material Handling Europe will exhibit an impressive display of its new extended ranges as well as some exciting product innovations at CeMAT 2011.

CESAB developing independent dealer network

04 January 2011

A strong brand heritage backed by a unique product range will see sales through the CESAB independent dealer network grow significantly across Europe over the next few years.

Compact power from CESAB

03 January 2011

CESAB Materials Handling Europe has launched its new high performance, easy to manoeuvre, B300 and B400 electric counterbalance forklift range.

CESAB grows UK market coverage

02 January 2011

With exclusive dealers now signed up from East Anglia to Scotland, CESAB Material Handling UK is set to cover most of the UK market through its local dealership structure in 2011.

Compact CESAB enhances productivity

29 November 2010

Part of the global Morgan Technical Ceramics group, MTC Certech manufactures ceramic cores used to make high performance parts for the aerospace and industrial turbine industries, among others.